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How to setup Private NameServers (NSs)? Print

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To get your PRIVATE NAMESERVERS (NSs) you will need the following things: * Provide us with the names of the NameServers which you want to have as your PRIVATE NSS. For example, _NS1._> and _NS2.___>. The domain __> must be registered. * You are to have two dedicated IP addresses for your PRIVATE NSS. If the IPs are included in your hosting plan, you should contact us and we will give you the IPs for free. In case you have only one dedicated ip or no IPs included in your plan, then you will have to contact our billing department and buy two dedicated IP addresses. * After this the PRIVATE NAMESERVERS must be registered with these dedicated IPs. The registration is performed by the domain registrar. If your domain __> registered with us we register the NSs automatically by your request.

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