Common Email settings

For mail client software like The Bat! or Outlook you can use the settings below: POP3 (Incoming) Server (port 110): __ or _SERVER.IP.ADDRESS_ SMTP (Outgoing) Server (port 25 or 26): __ or _SERVER.IP.ADDRESS_ login: __ pass: __ Our SMTP server requires authentication for sending mail. Please note: Some ISPs block SMTP port 25 . In this case please use alternative 26 port for SMTP server. ------------------------- As an alternative way to send and receive email you can use WEBMAIL software which installed on all our shared servers. You can access email accounts via WEBMAIL using the following links: on Linux hosting: HTTP://_YOURDOMAIN.COM:2095 _or_ _HTTPS://_YOURDOMAIN.COM:2096_ on Windows hosting: HTTP://WEBMAIL._YOURDOMAIN.COM_/
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