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How to park a domain name in control panel cPanel? Print

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EXAMPLE: If you've parked domain to, so when visiting in browser , the content of the site will be displayed, but the domain name which you have parked will be displayed in the address bar , namely _HOW DO WE DO IT?_ - Please log in to cPanel control panel; - Under 'DOMAINS' section, please choose 'PARKED DOMAINS'. - In the opened window please perform the following actions: 1. Specify the domain name which you would like to park. 2. Press on 'ADD DOMAIN' 3. The domain will be displayed in the list of parked domains after parking . 4. In 'DOMAIN ROOt' column you'll see where the domain is parked. 5. Using the 'REMOVE' button you may delete the parked domain. 6. By choosing 'MANAGE REDIRECTION' menu, you may redirect the parked domain to the needed page, for example, to [1]. After that, while browsing the parked domain (in our case, you will be redirected to the page [2] Links: ------ [1] [2]

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