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How to generate a backup of the site? Print

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To generate a site's backup, please do the following: 1. Log in to cPanel control panel. 2. Please choose 'BACKUP WIZARD' under the 'FILES' section 3. Choose the 'BACKUP' option. 4. Choose a backup creation method. FIRST METHOD: If you choose the 'FULL BACKUP' option, then the full backup of your whole account will be created (including databases, mail, contents, etc). _IMPORTANT TO KNOW_: This copy can be restored from our side only. For this purpose , please send a request (from your contact billing e-mail), provide us with the link to the backup archive or upload backup into your account. SECOND METHOD: If you generate partial backups of your databases, mail, content, then you may restore it yourself by choosing 'RESTORE' in 'BACKUP WIZARD'.

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