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Work of filters in newer versions of the control panel Print

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There are two levels of filtering in control panel "User Level Filtering" (for an individual mailbox) and "Account Level Filtering" (applies to all mailboxes of account). 1) Account Level Filtering Backup of filters, which can be created through the control panel cPanel -> section "Backups", is created just for this type of filter, while you download the file of the following type "filter-DOMAIN.gz". There is a simple text file with the filtering rules inside this archive. It restores without problems, but with the nuance that it is not shown in the control panel, although fully functional. In order to recover once you've created a filter to another domain you just need to change part that is responsible for the domain name in file name and use the restore function from the control panel cPanel -> "Backups". You can check the filter creation from the command line by typing less /etc/vfilters/DOMAIN 2) User Level Filtering Although backup of such filters can't be created, it is much easier to manage them as well as access to the filters you have via FTP and during copying they even appear in the control panel and are functioning perfectly. The filters for each mailbox are located on the path /home/USERNAME/etc/DOMAIN/EMAIL/filter.yaml and /home/USERNAME/etc/DOMAIN/EMAIL/filter /home/USERNAME/etc/DOMAIN/EMAIL/filter - the filter itself /home/USERNAME/etc/DOMAIN/EMAIL/filter.yaml - file that is responsible for filter to be displayed in the control panel So it is enough to copy these two files in a directory of another mailbox and the filter will be applied to it. ______________________________ USERNAME - your username in the system DOMAIN - domain name for which you want to apply or is already applying filter EMAIL - the short name of the mailbox (before the "@"), for example - EMAIL=test

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