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How to investigate email problems Print

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This article describes the way how to investigate the place where problem appears. There are a lot of reasons why email account becomes unaccessible. Among them: * wrong mail client settings such as login information, SMTP/POP3 settings. * network problems caused by ISP, other intermediate hosts or server's firewall. * server side problems with mail software We offer you the following steps which help you and us to recognize and fix the problem: * Ensure that you use correct email login information (details [1]). To be sure for 100% you may try to reset password for problematic mail account via Control panel. If you can't access your email account from your local mail client please try to use WEBMAIL. If both mail client and WEBMAIL are not working please contact us via ticket system. * Check whether server is accessible from your local machine. You can do that by means of command PING and TRACEROUTE ( on windows - TRACERT [2] ). If the server is not accessible please contact us vis ticket system and provide with results of TRACEROUTE ( TRACERT [3] ) command. * Next step is checking if Smtp ports 25 (and 26) are working. You can do that by means of TELNET COMMAND [4] : Please run TELNET __ 25 and TELNET __ 26 In the case if only port 26 is working means that port 25 is blocked by your ISP and you should set 26 port as SMTP port in your mail client. Situation when both SMTP ports (25 and 26) do not response may indicate that mail service is not working on the server. Please contact us via ticket system and we'll try to solve the problem asap. Links: ------ [1] [2] [3] [4]

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